Terracotta from Impruneta

Guarantee of origin stamp - Impruneta

Guarantee of origin stamp - Impruneta

The best terracotta from Italy is produced in Impruneta and nearby Il Ferrone. Terracotta from Impruneta is famous not only for the quality of workmanship, clay and firing, but also for being resistant to below zero temperatures even when damp. Cheap terracotta from the Far East typically cracks when exposed to frost, while terracotta planters, vases and jars from Impruneta are frost-resistant and therefore ideal for garden use year round. In addition to jars, vases, planters, boxes and similar containers used for plants, the terracotta kilns of Impruneta are famous for their tiles and interior decorative pieces. Terracotta floor and roof tiles are mostly highly polished and machine-made, but hand-made tiles are also produced for restoration work or rustic pavements.

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Terracotta from Impruneta  Terracotta planters from Impruneta

Large terracotta garden pots from Impruneta

For winemakers!

A unique offer - we produce terracotta jars and barriques for wine production using the techniques of the ancient Romans.

terracotta jars and barriques for winemaking

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